Cardstock Swatch PDF for Stampin' Up! Colours for 2019

Cardstock Swatch PDF for Stampin' Up! Colours for 2019

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Please do not redistribute this PDF.

This PDF download includes 7 pages

  • IN COLOR 2018-2020
  • IN COLOR 2019-2021

You will also need the cardstock, a trimmer, Tombow glue, ribbon and the Detailed Trio Punch for the slot.

You do not get the colours, this is a PDF download only.

How to make

  1. Choose your paper size option; If you are in the US and print on LETTER size (8.5" x 11") paper. If you are in the Europe or Australia, choose A4.
  2. Printed swatches onto Thick Whisper White cardstock or Thin Whisper White. I used Thick, but use whichever your printer will take.
  3. Cut strips of your cardstock colours, as per instructions either 1/2" or 1cm depending on your download type.
  4. I used Tom Bow to glue my cardstock strips, it gives you a little wiggle time. Once you've finished the colours, cut down the faint grey lines.
  5. I used the small oval in the Trio Punch for the hole. (Use the punch upside down to see the hole)
  6. Thread with ribbon and tie a bow! 
  7. Each page prints 4 charts.

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